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1 on 1 sessions 

Elite sessions 

Looking for extracurricular activities? The Gold Club has it covered, we offer a bespoke football training that will make sure your child develops participating in a individualised technical work and coordination. 

Below is a list of clubs we offer on our payment system, Class for kids. Elite sessions are based on invitation only and places are limited to small groups throughout the week!

Coach to a player training for ages 4-9 years old designed to develop your childs technical tactical ability through a varitey of drills and exercises! Focusing on foundation skills of recieving, passing and moving into a direction with the ball for begineers and more technical detail and ball mastery for more capable players 

Elite sessions are based on  invitation only but if interested get in contact and we can arrange for one of coaches to watch your childs grass roots game or if you have footage of there games we can have a look and go from there!

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