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Nursery and early years

We are the leading company in the London area who supplies both Yoga and Sports in nurseries, with our growing number of nurseries who receive our Sports and Yoga packages make sure your nursery is apart of the team!


Our aim is to prepare children at an early age for sports in KS1 through a wide range of mini-games and activities to improve there major aspects of there early years development they include: 


  • Concentration

  • Hand-eye coordination 

  • Balance 

  • Teamwork 

  • Communication 

  • Spacial awareness

We are already inspiring the next generation have a look to see how you could be apart of the journey. 

nursery funded 

The majority of our nurseries opt for this option which provides a weekly service to your nursery whether it is Yoga, sports or both. We supply your nursery a coach for your chosen specific time and you receive an invoice at the end of the month. 

our coaches are

  • DBS Checked and vetted 

  • First aid trained 

  • Qualified 

  • Professional 

  • Experienced in the E.Y.F.S

  • Insured

Currently, on offer, we have Yoga and multi-sports for both toddlers and preschool. 

As a service provider, we offer sessions at 30, 45 and 60-minute classes where you can choose to split your children up into 2 separate groups. 

We don’t require too much space but we will require some assistance helping the children during the session.


Parent funded 

These are run in blocks of 8-10 weeks. We handle all of the bookings & payments via our website, so you don't deal with the admin! Payments are made on a monthly subscription and can be canceled at any time!

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