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After school clubs

Gold standard of coaching, with bespoke session plans for each sports delivered over 10 weeks.

A reliable team of coaches who adhere to our standards of time keeping and punctuality.

Help your students become number 1 in any sport they particpate! With over 20 sports we can provide! 

Packages we offer

We can offer many sports during the academic year. Below is an example of our packages we can deliever to your school.


However you are welcome to choose any sport for any time of year if your facilities are suitable. We can also offer morning and afterschool options. 

9th September - 13th December 

The winter pack 

During the winter months we have sports to keep your children active even when the weather makes it difficult. Sports include: 

  • Dodgeball 

  • Yoga 

  • Boxing

  • Fit club ​​

  • Stunt Training* 

  • Winter Multiskills

6th January - 27th March 

The spring pack 

A breath of fresh air! A new start for your students and a great opportunity for your children to partake in a new sport and inspire your students to take up a healthier lifestyle! Sports include: 

  • Tag Rugby 

  • Hockey 

  • Football 

  • Basketball 

  • Spring Multiskills

20th April - 17th July 

The summer pack 

The sun is here! Make the most of it with these great summer activites delievered by our great coaches! 

  • Athletics 

  • Rounders

  • Cricket 

  • Summer Multiskills

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